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Wearing my boyfriends sweater

Wearing my boyfriends sweater OOTD

How you are having a good day. In this stormy weather, what was past few days, I am looking forward for something cosy and warm. So stole one of my boyfriends sweaters. It is big, chunky and warm. Basically, I’m feeling like I am wearing his hug.

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Ebay bargains #11

ebay bargains

I’m a lot cooler on the internet sweater // chunky boots // french fries socks 
casual sweatpants // bracelet 

All the buzz from Christmas and New Year has gone now. I am starting slowly to get back in my routine. Oh, and by the way, how is your’s New Years resolutions going on? I am starting to doing everything to achieve this years goals. Slow progress is better than no progress, right?

And now to the my latest ebay bargains. I am going to change this segment including more themed ebay bargains wishlists. First one, beauty related, will be on by the end of the month 😉

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I’m loving.. Christmas sweaters

Christmas sweaters

Sequin Bow Christmas Jumper // Green Pudding // Blue Fluffy Reindeer // Robins 
Pink Hat And Sock // Kitten Christmas // Santa Claus Pattern // Burgundy Snowflake 
Christmas Fairisle // December 25th // Christmas Tree // Dark Christmas Tree

It’s December already. I can’t believe how fast time goes. Christmas lights are everywhere. And it looks like snow is here for stay. It starts to look so festive. And cold. So it can mean only one thing. It is time to pull out from closet all things Christmas printed and wear them shamelessly.

Here are my favorite Christmas sweaters!

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Ebay bargains #10


1 ▼ 2 ▼ 3 ▼ 4 ▼ 5 ▼ 6

There is no better feeling in the world than being warm, comfy and fashionable. In this cold and fogy waether (that’s definitely creepy) I would love to stay home and don’t go out like for ever. But we all know that is not possible. I don’t want to lose that comfy and cosy feeling and in the same time look good. So here is my this weeks picks from ebay that represent that feel!

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Ebay baargains #9


1 2345


I can’t believe it is November already. Time passes so fast. I can see people are getting ready for Christmas (Instragram posts, malls are putting Christmas trees up). Am I the only one who thinks it is too soon?

I am still living in autumn. Sweaters, beanies, cosy knits. This week I have chosen all cosy and comfy items for November. Hope You will enjoy it!

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Pop of red


This october is so grey. I loved September so much because of the beautiful colours. And it was warm too. October is more grey, colder. And people in streets trend to be same – grey and cold. Even colourful tree leaves are disappeared in this greyness. I simple want more colour and fun! I hope I did it with my outfit.

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